Not all fats are bad! Your guide to essential fatty acids in pregnancy

We're often bombarded with messages about cutting down our fat intakes. Some people even avoid them wherever possible. However, some fats are 'essential' – we must include them in our diets because our bodies can't make them.

The role of probiotics in breastfeeding

Specific nutritional needs and tips, trimester-wise

Welcome to Diet in Pregnancy

Your complete guide to healthy eating in pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, including current advice on a healthy diet and exercise, as well as recommendations for prenatal vitamins and book reviews.

Pregnancy Superfoods: 12 quality foods to include

Some foods are simply super! Super healthy and packed full of quality nutrients. The 'superfoods' in this article have been selected for their fantastic nutritional content.

How diet and lifestyle affects your baby's outcome

Most mums-to-be know that a healthy diet and lifestyle in pregnancy will improve the health of their baby. But just how much of an effect do our diets have on the baby?

Weight gain during pregnancy

Coming to terms with weight gain in pregnancy and the lack of control this may bring can be a worrying time for some mums-to-be. For others, pregnancy can be seen as an excuse to eat what they want to, or 'eat for two'.

Bulimia, fertility and pregnancy

Bulimia nervosa, usually abbreviated to bulimia, is an eating disorder in which food obsession becomes the primary coping mechanism during stress situations.

Healthy and safe weight loss after pregnancy

Congratulations! You are now entering the ‘4th trimester’. Your baby is here and you’re probably hoping to get rid of the pregnancy weight in much less time than the nine months it took to get there.

The sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D in pregnancy

Vitamin D is known as the 'sunshine vitamin' because our bodies make most of our requirements from the action of sunlight on our skin.


Your New Pregnancy Bible

The experts' guide to pregnancy and early parenthood - by Dr Anne Deans


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Bulimia, fertility and pregnancy

Caffeine in pregnancy: How much is too much?

“Pass the sick bag”: Eating your way through Hyperemesis Gravidarum

The role of probiotics in breastfeeding

Digestive problems during pregnancy

Calcium during pregnancy – what you need to know

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